“Nobody cares if you can’t dance well.
Just get up and dance.
Great dancers are great because of their passion.”

 Martha Graham

Salsa Belfast is a non profit organisation who organise classes, events and parties in the Belfast Area. Run by a group of dancers, we are responsible for running the monthly Windsor Salsa Party and one-off dance Workshops throughout the year.

We don’t host weekly classes but our friends across Belfast & Beyond can get your feet-moving and your shoulders-shimmying. Find them listed, in alphabetical order, below!


A place to learn, share and dance Kizomba, Bachata, Salsa and Zouk. Music is picked by the students, so we play all your favourite songs.

Everyone welcome, from newbies who have never danced before, to experienced dancers looked to hone their skills.

Baile Latino

We teach you how to dance Salsa the way it’s danced in Cuba, and to dance Bachata the way it’s danced in the Dominican Republic. In these two countries, Salsa and Bachata are danced in the streets, parties and clubs. It’s more relaxed and informal.

The spirit is very important.It’s he spirit of community, the spirit of celebration, and spirit of improvisation.

It is often danced by people of all ages and skill levels, and there is a sense of joy and freedom in the way people move and express themselves through the music.

That’s what we want to teach you. We want to bring music to your feet and joy to your heart.

Belfast Style Dancing

Practically all schools of social dancing teach women and men different roles.

Well… Not here. Here, a new style is born: the Belfast Style.

Here, people of both sexes learn both roles from the beginning, and learn also to switch between the lead’s and follow’s roles in the middle of the dance.

Shall we dance 🙂?


Offering professional dance classes, performances and One-to-One tuition for individuals or organisations.

Latin Salsa Academy Belfast

Join our great Couples Latin-Salsa Courses to learn to dance with a partner…or our fantastic Ladies only Latin-Salsa courses …and feel amazing!

Contact us for Latin Parties, Private dance lessons, Hen parties , Fun dance entertainment and Dance Shows!

Live to Dance EU

Live to Dance EU is a collection of dance based workshops, bootcamps, holidays, private lessons and guest appearances by Adele Marsh and the Live to Dance EU team.

Salsa, Bachata, Jive, Ballroom and Latin dance classes, private lessons, guest appearances as instructor and DJ at dance events, dance workshops, bootcamps and holidays.

P&G Bachata

P&G Bachata, Paulina and Guillermo. Bachata dancers based in Belfast. We aim to educate and inspire!

Calling all Bachateras and Bachateros!! Your Wednesday night plans are taken care of! Join our weekly Wednesday classes in Belfast and test out those new moves at our monthly social.

Stay awesome, Familia!

Rueda Belfast

Rueda, the most fun of all Latin Dances. Very Social, Fun, Energetic and always a few at any Latin event.

Sabroso Dance

Sabroso is the North West’s first and number one Salsa Club. Formed in Derry. N Ireland in January 2002.

Salsa & Goza

Fun, friendly, relaxed community providing Cuban Salsa dancing classes and introductions into Bachata.

Salsa Caliente NI

We teach mainly Salsa but also Bachata, Kizomba, ChaCha and Rueda currently in Bangor and Donaghadee.

Salsa NI

Salsa-NI specialises in dance classes, dance performances, DJ’ing and igniting weddings, corporate events, schools and private celebrations into pumping fiestas.

With ‘fun’ being a major part of any Salsa-NI event, Chris and his team of instructors have set-off countless parties and inspired literally thousands of people like you to dance salsa through our fun and exciting approach. Our enthusiasm and passion for teaching shines through and our classes are ‘famed’ for being friendly, energetic and above all… Fun!

Social Dance Academy Belfast

Learn to dance Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba socially, meet new people and become a great dancer while having fun!

At Social Dance Academy Belfast, we focus on getting you up to an good level as quickly as possible, so you can enjoy the regular socials that happen in and around Belfast.